Monday, 21 July 2014

Kimono + Stripes

Halter Top- Brandy Melville
Kimono- DIY from an old Scarf 
Boots- Thrifted (similar here )
Shorts- Thrifted 

I ironically I am not a fan of aquatic creatures ( its a borderline phobia) but out of all the kimonos I own . this one is still my favorite, even though it is decked out in dolphins. Seeing how its black and goes well with almost anything might be why. As you can tell I haven't been able to give up my love for black and dark outfits even in the middle of summer.
The first thing I want to mention is my love for this hat! It's had my back (or head in this case) through many bad hair days and its a major life saver. I even when out and bought the same one in light brown, you need to be prepared was my justification cause bad hair days can turn ugly at a moments notice. 
halter tops is also a staple every girl should have on hand cause they are so easy to throw on for an effortless look. I got this one from Brandy Melville and it was pretty inexpensive. I might go back and grab a couple more in black and white for layering in the fall.  

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