Thursday, 23 January 2014

I'm Busy

Floral Dress- Hand-me-down
Plaid Skirt- Thrifted at Black Market
Backpack- Thrifted d at Value Village 
Lace Blouse- Thrifted at Value Village 

This is the first of three outfits featuring my favorite floral dresses that once belonged to my mom. She gave me this dress a while back and I wear it nonstop. Whether it’s in the summer with a belt or in the winter under a cozy knit sweater, it’s always on.  That’s why having a staple dress in your wardrobe is essential. I call mine the three in one, because it can easily be worn as a top, dress or a skirt. 
So in this first look I styled it with a red plaid skirt over top, using the dress as a floral top instead. I think this might be the first time in a long time that I’ve layered a bunch of different pattern and textures that wouldn’t originally go together, but I think they all work well in this outfit.
Especially the contrast between the bright red of the skirt and the busy floral pattern on the dress add a lot of character.
I finished it off with a sheer lace tunic type top, which adds another level of dimension to the look.
As usual I added some basic black jewellery for detailing.  

Talk to you soon !

Monday, 6 January 2014

Wish List #2


WFT Plaid

Eyes on you

Cat High


Topshop shirts top, 76 CAD / Topshop jacket, 180 CAD / Topshop skinny jeans, 69 CAD / UNIF leather shoes, 195 CAD / Choker necklace / Topshop hat, 21 CAD / Topshop lips makeup, 14 CAD

Seeing how its a new year I decided to make some new sets using Polyvore. As you can tell plaid is a reoccurring trend in these sets and its something I've been collecting in my own wardrobe lately. I think plaid textiles is an easy way to add a 90s edge to any outfit. The UNIF plaid shoes are to die for and if I could afford them I would get them in a heart beat, but I am a broke university student, so they would have to wait. 
Something else I am loving at the moment are leg garters! You could find some cool DIY ones on Etsy and I've made some of my own over my break and I'll post those DIY soon. I cant wait for the warm months to come so I could wear them with shorts and velvet skirts.

Hope you all had an amazing holiday with your friends and family. 
Wish you all the best for the new year <3 
Talk to you soon!