Monday, 29 April 2013

Thrift Haul #2

Denim jacket/ maxi skirt/ floral shorts - Black Market 
White tank top- Brandy Melville  
Black Nirvana tank- Kind Exchange
Velvet leggingsRomwe

Hello beautiful people! Sorry that I haven't been posting often, it was finals week so I had to get in study mode and I had no social life the past few weeks :( but I am back now and officially on summer break YAY! 
Now that I have more time I am going to try to post every other day, whether it be an outfit post, a DIY or something random like today's post. 
This would be my second thrift haul on the blog, I got more things this time around. I went down town Toronto to do some thrifting. I originally was just looking for a nice denim jacket and I went to Black Market  knowing they have an awesome collection of outerwear and I ended up finding the perfect one! I also picked up a blue floral maxi skirt and a pair of adorable floral highwaisted cotton shorts! I cant wait to wear them in the summer :) everything there is 10$ so I didn't end up paying too much for everything. 
After that I just walked around queen street and went into Brandy Melville and picked up the white tank top on sale for 10$. Its cropped so its going to look perfect with high-waisted pieces. I got the Nirvana top at Kind Exchange thrift store, but I am pretty sure its originally from Brandy Melville.
Lastly, the leggings were the ones I mentioned in my last post, and the newest addition to my velvet collection. I got them from an online shop called Romwe, they have the coolest legging selection ever, there something for everyone! 

Have an awesome week, see you soon !


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Make a Statement

Velvet Skirt- Romwe
Lace Top- Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue) 
Black Wedges- Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters
Belt- H&M
Bag- Thrifted Salvation Army 
Necklace- Urban Outfitters
Ring- DIY (made from an old button) 

Hello again everyone! It was my sisters birthday on Monday (Happy Birthday Nanna!!) and we all went out for dinner and I wore this outfit. We didn't go anywhere fancy but I decided to dress up anyway ! 
I got this velvet skirt a while back but have only worn it once when I went out with some friends, but since the weather is getting nicer I am going to be wearing it a lot more, and you'll be about to see it styled in a more casual way soon :)  As you can see I have a small obsession with velvet, I just can't get enough! I even ordered a pair of velvet legging from Romwe this past weekend lol
Lace is another one of my favorites, whether its a top or a dress I am in LOVE with the way it makes any outfit more feminine and innocent. The top is perfect because of the cut out in the back, it shows the prefect amount of skin.
I paired this outfit with a statement necklace so that it wasn't to "pain Jane". You wouldn't even believe how much I got this for at Urban Outfitters! It's original price was 30$ but it was in the sale section and it had an extra 30% off, so I only ended up paying $3.50 for it !! I was sooo happy, I even treated myself to frozen yogurt with the extra money I saved :P
P.S.- I did dye my ombre ends in pink last week, its a bit faded in this picture but I might either redo them or  dye them purple ( I am already getting tried of the pink). 
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As always I hope everyone has an amazing day and I'll see you soon !


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Calm Before the Storm

Lace Top- Thrifted (Value Village)
Black Velvet Skirt- Thrifted (Value Village) similar here
Black Belt- H&M
Purse- Hand-me-down (moms)
Necklace- Vintage
Shoes- T.U.K creepers from Urban Outfitters

Hello everyone! so when i took this pictures last weekend it was super windy out so in every picture i was just trying to keep my hair down :P
So I bought this skirt at the same time when I bought the red velvet one that I styled in previous looks (here & here ) I've wore this skirt a couple of times to school but because its a maxi skirt and the material is kind of heavy it tends not the be the most comfortable thing to wear when its cold and windy out. But seeing how the spring is slowly approaching I be able to wear a lot more often.
I original bought this lace top for a friends birthday celebration to add a more elegant piece to my wardrobe but I've recently styling in more causal ensembles and i like the way it adds a nice girly but dark edge to the outfits. 
    As always I've pair these look with my creepers, simple jewelry and a small white purse to add some colour contrast. 

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend! See you soon :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ghosts That We Knew

Velvet Skirt- Value Village (thrifted)  similar one here
Shoes- T.U.K creepers from Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses- DIY here

Hello :) I am back with another outfit of the day! I wore this outfit to school today, the spring weather is finally hitting Toronto so I can now wear lighter pieces to school and out with friends, which makes me so happy! Fall/spring have to be my favorite seasons of the year, I LOVE layering to get different textures and affects with my clothing and the spring is the prefect time to do that.
Anyways on to the look, I got the cream inner sweater and a grey hoodie from my aunt. We went through some of her clothing this weekend and she gave me some pieces that she no longer wears, which was nice of her. 
The skirt is the same velvet one I styled in a previous look, you can take a look at it here :) I think this skirt is prefect for the spring because its not exactly a maxi skirt but it still keeps you covered up for those chilly mornings. Adding the denim vest gives the outfit a different feel so that is doesn't look to pain. 
The purse is another hand me down I got from family member, its brown leather and hold about everything I need, I am using it all the time now. I also added some daisy's on the side of the bag for decoration. 
The sunglasses are one of my DIY projects that I recently put up on the blog, but their originally for   Forever 21

Hope everyone has an amazing week! I'll be back soon with another outfit post  <3

Peace & Love- Stef

Thursday, 4 April 2013

DIY: Aztec Denim Shorts

Hello everyone! So I'am back again with another DIY. I really excited to sharing this one with you guys because I  loved how the shorts turned out and I am sure I am going to be wearing them a lot this summer.
I found this tutorial on YouTube (here ), she always has creative DIY video! So decided to create my own shorts for the summer.  Hope you enjoy :)
( I just wanted to say before you do this DIY to be very careful when working with the bleach! If you don't feel comfortable working with it then ask a parent or guardian to help you. Be Safe! )   

Things you will need for this DIY are : 
1) A pair of shorts or pants you can cut. 
2) A pair of gloves (Very Important! Bleach is harmful to your skin ). 
3) A pair of scissors
4) A clothes hanger (one that can is used for hanging bottoms would be best)
5) A fabric marker or fabric paint (walmart, or any craft store)
6) a flat tub that you can fit your shorts in
7) Fabric bleach 

STEP ONE: You want to get a pair of shorts or in my case a pair of pants. I bought these pants at my local thrift store for 5$ that i chose to cut into to shorts. I think highwaisted shorts/pants look best for this DIY, but feel free to use whatever you want. 

If your going to use a pair of pants you want to cut the legs off, its easier to start with one leg. Don't forget to always cut a bit longer then you want them to be, it's always safer that way. You can always go back and make them shorter after you have tried them on.  

After i cut one leg I folded the pants in half and used the cut leg as a guide so that they both come out even.  
Your Pants should look some what like this when your done cutting them :) 

You then want to try them on and adjust to your liking! I decided to keep mine a bit long and then fold up the bottoms.  

STEP TWO: You want to hang your shorts from the side that your not bleaching.
The hanger will act as a weight to keep the right side from bleaching when you put it on the tub.

 Place the side of the shorts that you want to bleach ( the opposite side from the one the hanger is on) into a tub.
STEP THREE: Add the bleach to the tub, being really careful not to get any on the side of the shorts that you want to stay its original colour. 
Make sure there is at least half and inch of bleach in the tub so that the shorts are completely soaked. 
I suggest you wear old clothes when doing this step, just in case you get any bleach on your clothes. 

STEP FOUR: I let my shorts soak in the bleach for about 15 minutes. But it all depends on how dark or light you want the contrasting side to be. I would check up on the shorts every 5 minutes, and then take them out when your satisfied with the colour. 
Remember to do the bleaching in a well ventilated room or outside because the smell of the bleach in really strong.  

When your happy with the colour rinse your shorts then let them air dry so that the bleach can set in. 
After there down drying, wash them with soap and warm water so that extra bleach is washed off the shorts. 
You want to then let them dry again ( I through them in the dryer after i washed them )   

 STEP FIVE: You want to design or get a pattern online that you want to put on your shorts,
 I got mine here
I suggest you start off by drawing it by pen to limit the chances of making any mistakes !
After you've drawn on your pattern with pen you can go over it with the fabric marker !!
You can experiment with different colours of pens so make it more colourful and fun :)  

Here is the finished product! I think they cam out pretty cool, I might even decorate a couple of shirts with this pattern
The tank top is from Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed the DIY and have fun making your own customized Aztec shorts <3 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Paid Top- Dads
Necklace- Vintage (Moms)
Crop top- H&M basics
Shorts- Thrifted 
Bag- Salvation Army 
Thigh Highs- Urban Outfitters

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend ! I know I ate more chocolate this weekend then I have all year :P 
I wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago when I went out with my sister. That day was absolutely beautiful outside I just had to through on some shorts cause I couldn't wait for the summer. The shorts were originally high waisted pants i got at a thrift store downtown that I cut into shorts. I was happy when I found them because there the perfect fit. 
The burgundy crop tank is one I got last year at H&M in the athletic or basic sections for like $3. Its the prefect size crop top for these type of shorts cause it hits right above the waist with out being to short or to long. 
The thigh high socks have glittery thread running through them that multicolored. I actually bought them to wear scrunched up at the ankle but i thought they looked pretty cool and different as keen highs with this look. The bag and necklace are both vintage pieces. The bag I got at the Salvation Army and the necklace is my moms :) The paid shirt is my dads old work shirt and the sleeves and the ends at the bottom are all ripped and torn up which I love, I think it adds character lol 
as always i paired it with my doc martens, love the way they look with shorts and tights. 

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week, I'll be back soon with a new DIY :) 

Peace & Love- Stef