Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm All Over it

Overalls- Thrifted 
Bag- hand-me-down
Striped Crop Top- Urban Outfitters
Wool Hat- H&M
Creepers- Urban Outfitters

I bought these overalls awhile back, and they were even part of my first thrift haul on the blog. I wore them a lot over the summer seeing how they are something really easy to just throw on. Layering them with a simple crop top under is the best way to wear them I think, but you can also add a light jumper under for the cooler months. Adding something with pattern underneath works well and always adds to the look because denim is such a plain but versatile material that pairs well with almost anything.

This hat has been my life saver these past few week ! For some reason my hair is not cooperating well with this change in weather and having bad hair days has become a norm for me. So having a black or neutral coloured hat in your wardrobe should be a essential for every girl, so on those days you can just throw it on and head out with out worrying to much.

Hope you have a super awesome weekend ! See you soon <3

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Saved by the Bell

Acid Wash Denim Skirt- Black Market (similar here
Wool Hat- H&M
Dress Shirt- Dad hand-me-down (similar here)
Shoes- Thrifted 
Mesh Top- Thrifted (similar here)  
RingsForever 21

I've been watching a lot of Saved by the Bell reruns on television lately that I feel like its showing in my daily school outfits. Especially with this retro acid washed skirt I picked up from Black Market, I really feel like Kelly, now if only Zack went to my school life would be complete. 
The vintage dress shirt that belonged to my dad is something I am really loving right know, it has a really cool toned colour design to it that pairs well with almost anything.  
This outfit has to be my favourite thing I've worn to school so far this term, it's super comfortable for those long classes but still dressed up. 
The black bag is one I got recently for school to fit my laptop. Its the prefect size and it has to coolest leather detailing. The zipper on the bag can be a pain in the bum sometimes but its nothing I can't get over. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Chain it up

Bralette-Brandy Melville
Skirt- Thrifted (Value Village) similar here
Men'd Plaid Shirt- Thrifted (Value Village) 
Body Chain- DIY similar here
Flatforms- Thrifted 

I've been wearing this shirt religiously since I bought it. My sister calls it the "Scotch Tape" shirt because it literally looks like the tape packaging. I bought it from the mens section of my local thrift store, they always have a variety of plaid shirts to choose from. 
The white bralette is actually my sisters but since I have the same one in black we decided to be nice for once and share. I think it pairs perfectly with the baggy pieces of the outfit, and since the skirt is high waisted it doesn't show to much skin. 
Body chains are a trend I am really loving right now! Whether you wear on top of your shirts or under them like I am in this outfit, they always add a unique twist to simple outfits. 
These earrings are a pair my best friend gave to me as a gift a few birthdays ago, and being me I lost them as some as I got them and recently just found them in a random purse. Thank the lord I found them cause now I never take them off. 

Hope everyone is having and amazing day!! Talk to you soon.