Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DIY: One Teaspoon Caged Bra

This DIY is long over due, BUT I think this would be a great addition to anyones bralette collection for the fall season, witch consists of dark colours and velvets. 
As you could probably already tell this is a recreation of the very popular One Teaspoon Superman Bodice. They come in both a top/ caged bralette or as a bikini option. I decided to take a crack at making my own and added a reversible element to mine for versatility.    

What you need: 

  • Fold Over Elastic- 5 to 6 yards 
  • Material- You don't much, I would say 1/2 yard or less, is more then enough ( I chose to go with a cotton plaid, and a black velvet )
  • Bra Rings and Sliders- you can find them as any sewing supply store, or you can cut them off an old bra that you on longer need. 
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins, Scissors, and Measuring Tape 
**** The measurements used for this bralette were my own. I wear a 32C cup bra **** 


Start by cutting out 2 chest panels. I used another bralette to help measure how big I wanted the panels.

My measurements were:
The longer vertical side= 4 1/2"
The shorter vertical side= 3 1/2“
Across the bottom= 5 1/2”

I cut my panels out of two different materials, a black velvet and a plaid patterned cotton, which was left over from a dress that I cut. If you decide to go with only a one-sided option then I suggest doing a double layer if your material is thin. 


Measure and cut two pieces of the foldable elastic to line the smaller vertical side of the panels. Measure so that they are 1/2" longer then the panel on both the top and bottom. 


Do the same for the top edge of the panels, but this time cut out a long piece to connect the two, leaving a gap in the middle. I left a 2" gap between the two panels and again leaving 1/2" on each end.
  • Mine measured: 14"


Measure and cut two shoulder straps, and attach them to the outsides of the panels. 
  • Mine measured: 16.5"


The bottom edge piece is a little different then the top one in step three. This one is going to wrap all the way around to close off the bra. Again, measure so that a gap is left in the middle of the two panels. Measuring all the way around your rib cage, under where your regular bar hits should give you a good measurement. Remember to make it tight because this is the main support for the bralette, there are no closing clasps. 
  • Mine measured: 27"


These pieces are going to make up the cage part of the bralette. You'll need to cut out:
  • Two more of the same bottoms pieces used in step five. My measurements were: 27"
  • Six 3" pieces that will make the cage effect. 
  • Two 13" pieces that will be used to make the back triangle straps

**** All these elastic pieces are folded in half and sewed closed to make straps ****


Lay out the two bottom elastics and two of the smaller ones on top, so that the ends of the smaller pieces line up with the bottom of the bra, on each side of the gap. I left about 1" between each of the long horizontal elastics. Pin and sew the pieces together. 

**Hint: its easier if you decided which side to do all the raw edges on, because this top consist of allot of small pieces you're going to have a lot of pieces layered over each other, so picking a side to do all the sewing on will make everything look neater. 


Next are the back straps. To save time, I decided to use the same piece of elastic as both the triangle strap and the back cage piece. Start by pinning the strap starting from the bottom, leaving 1"between the longer cage elastics. Thread the circle ring through the strap and fold it over and sew the ring to the strap, leaving about 5" between the fold/ring and the first of the three horizontal cage elastics. Then pin and sew the strap to the top/first horizontal cage elastic, leaving about 3" as the base of the triangle. 


(I don' have a picture) Attach the small elastics to the side of the bra, one on each side. The process is the same as the ones in step seven, but you're sewing it to the long/outside sides of the panels. Again keeping 1" between the three horizontal cage elastics. 
The next and final step is to add the angled top pieces. cut out two 5.5" pieces of elastic and fold them in half and sew them closed to create a strap. Then pin one end to the top edge of the inside of the panel piece and to the shoulder strap about 2" up the strap. 

*** don't forget to measure these pieces to best fit you. I had to readjust mine a couple of times because they are the main piece of the bralette that is holding everything together and preventing your boobs from slipping out lol.  Make them as tight as you can, but still keeping the shape of the bralette. I suggest putting on the bralette and adjusting the straps from there.  

** my bottom strap was twisted and I only noticed after a sewed it altogether :'( make sure to pin everything first and look it over before sewing it together, don't make the same mistake I did! ** 

This is the finished bralette. Making it reversible really allows you to style it many different ways. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out and I've been wearing it non-stop since I made it. My favorite way to wear it is under a black mesh top and high-waited pants. 
I regret not sharing this DIY before, but hopefully its not to late for you all the try recreating one yourself !!
Have fun sewing my loves !