Friday, 29 March 2013

DIY: Decorative Glasses

This is my first DIY post, I've done some other things over the past few weeks cause I've been feeling in the artistic mood but I forgot to take some photos to share with everyone :( BUT I know that I will be doing a lot more this month so I'll make sure to document and share them with you guys!
I found a tutorial on how to decorate sunglasses with ceramic flowers on YouTube, and decided to make my own. Mine aren't as dramatic as some of the ones you can find online, but I think the simplicity suits my style a bit more. 
So I am going to just go through the steps of how I decorated my glasses. It's super simple and easy to follow! Hope you enjoy <3 

This DIY is pretty simple and doesn't require a lot. All you will need is a pair of glasses, decorative flowers, and glue. 

You will need ceramic or plastic flowers, I got mine at Michael's craft store for 4$ each package. But I did see some on Etsy, so you can probably just search for some on there as well.

All you will need is a pair of glasses ( any style of glasses will do) I got mine at Forever 21 for less then 10$. 

 First thing you want to do is position the flowers where you would want to glue them so that you have some idea of what you want them  to look like before you glue them on permanently. 

After you decided where you want them to go and your happy with the look you can start gluing the flowers on. 

You want to hold the flower down after gluing them to make sure its on there tight so that it wont awkwardly fall off when your walking around.

And then your done, see wasn't that easy ?

I decided to put three flowers on the corner edges as you can see. Two blacks on top and a grey on the bottom because the glasses do fade into a grey ombre cheetah print towards bottom, and I thought adding the two colours looked nice.  

Have a great weekend !! 

Peace & Love- Stef

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Don't Blend In

Disco Pants- American Apparel
Army Jacket- Black Market thrift store
Vintage Top- Hand-me-down 
Doc. Marten Boots- Little Burgundy
Canvas Backpack- Claire's (similar)
Mustache Bracelet- Etsy

I took these pictures a while back ( so you can probably tell form the mountain of snow in my backyard ). I wore this outfit to school on one of the warmer winter days a couple of weeks ago. This is a typical everyday outfit for me, I like to wear comfortable pieces when I have 3 hour lectures to sit through. These pants have to be the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned, I love them to pieces!! I bought these with my first paycheck, they were pretty pricey but a worthy investment, I wear them when ever I can. 
This is also my first posts where I am wearing something other them my maxi skirts , which just goes to show how much I wear them in my day to day life  (which is ALWAYS).
The army jacket is one of my new favorite and I am going to be wearing it a lot this spring. I bought if on boxing day at Black Market, which is a super cool thrift store in down town Toronto right in the middle of the fashion/entertainment district. 
The military green backpack is the one i use everyday for school and i got it last year. as for the jewelry, three of the rings I am wearing I made from some wire from the craft store ( you could probably tell which ones aha). The mustache bracelet I got from the same shop on Etsy  where  I got the other bracelet i mentioned in one of my other posts. 

Hope everyone has an amazing, yet relaxing weekend !! 

Peace & Love- Stef    

Sunday, 24 March 2013

1st Thrift Haul

All items purchased at Value Village thrift shop 
(please don't mind the awkward hair and no makeup, I took these picture after I woke up this morning :p )

Hello everyone! This is a small posts of some things that I bought yesterday from my trip to my local thrift store. I went in there not looking for anything is specific but ended up finding these awesome pieces. 
I've been lusting over this H&M dress over some time now and I felt like the luckiest person when I found it!  I actually found this dress in the shirt section and it caught my attention seeing how it was longer then most shirts. I think it's the prefect spring dress in the perfect colour, and material. I think i might wear this dress to my family dinner party next weekend, hopefully it's not to cold ( fingers crossed). 
As for the overalls, these are my absolute favorite, I've bought and seen a couple at urban outfitters and other thrift shops but I was never really happy with the way they fit, but these fit so well. I am probably going to cut the shorts shorter or sew the cuffs rolled up, but you're going to see a lot outfits with these piece this summer, so i guess you'll see what they end up looking like :) 
The necklace was more of a impulse buy, I am the worst impulse buyer ever! but i thought it was super cute and i think the blue turquoise stone looks good paired with everything. This necklace will also be featured in a lot of up coming outfits for sure !

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and had a really awesome weekend ! See you soon :)

Peace & Love- Stef      

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Other Side

Dunder Mifflin T-shirt- Thrifted from Value Village
Platform Heels- Kimchi Blu from Urban Outfitters
Chiffon SkirtAmerican Apparel
Black Grandpa Sweater- Value Village
Plaid Flannel Jacket- Black Market Clothing here
Knee High SocksUrban Outfitters 
Head piece- DIY

Hello again everyone!
This is something I wore out with the family for lunch last weekend when it was nicer out. Its one of my fancier looks, but I kept is casual by adding a t-shirt. This has to be the coolest T-shirt I own, and I was so lucky in finding it! I love love love The Office its one of the best things on TV, so when I found this shirt in the men's t-shirt section of my local thrift store, I almost had a cow. I was so excited that I didn't even mind the fact that it was in a x-large. When I got home I did cut off the sleeves and take in the sides to make it more form fitting, and I've been wearing it ever since :)

The shoes, the socks, and the skirt I ended up buying all on the same day on one of my shopping trips downtown with my sister. I feel like my sister is the only person that I can go shopping with, I can be the pickiest and more annoying person when I shop sometime and she seems like she is the only one I know who has the patience to deal with me, bless her little soul. Anyway I ended up going on a black rampage that day and  added to my endless collection of black piece in my wardrobe. I adore the shape of these american apparel skirts and how lightweight they are. I now own three of them (black , floral print and a maxi one) and can't wait to a add some more to my collection over the summer.

The shoes are surprising the first ever everyday heels/platforms I own and I don't know why I haven't bought a pair before, I adore them. These are by Kimchi Blu which a brand at Urban Outfitters. The heel on them aren't high, and the platform in the front make it a lot easier and more comfortable to walk in. The delicate Mary Jane styled strap adds the prefect feminine touch.

As for the head piece I am wearing, it a DIY project I did a couple of days ago when I was bored and had nothing to do. I've seen these flower crown headbands online and decided to make my own, it's a fun way to put your own twist on a existing style and have something you can wear that you've made your self.

Thanks again for reading this long, hopefully it's not a boring blog post. I am going to try to shorten them a bit so I don't put people to sleep :P
Hope you enjoyed and have a great week. See you soon !

Peace & Love- Stef    

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hopeless Wanderer

Skirt- Shop in Kensington Market
Jacket- Talula from Aritzia
Bracelet - Etsy
Bag-  Aldo 
Boots- Dr. Martens 
Denim Vest - Thrifted 
Necklace- Gift from grandma, similar one here

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! So I've been slacking on posting or at least what I consider to to be slacking. I wanted to get at least one post up every other day just so the blog would have some more substance but I've been having a lot of final reports to finish for school (not the funnest I know). 
Anyways on to the look, this was actually the first look I planned to put up but then ended up changing my mind. I got this skirt last year from a vintage shop in Kensington Market in down town Toronto. I love going there when the weather is nicer, just walking around and seeing all the eclectic shops and all the vegetarian restaurants all on the same block ( wish I could eat at them all ). What I love most about the skirt is that it has small daisies allover it which is my absolute favorite flower so it makes it that much better :)

 I thrifted both the denim vest and the t-shirt from my local thrift store. I got the purse a couple of years ago from Aldo and its one of my most used bags. The jacket is also one that I've had for a long time now and wear all the time. It's the prefect light jacket to wear for the spring cause is comfortable and light so your warm when your outside but not dying of heat when you step indoors.

I got a couple of bracelets from a shop on Etsy about a month ago and I've been loving them. The one I am wearing here is actually five different bracelet attached together to make one, which I thought was pretty cool. You guys should check out the shop, all the bracelets are one of a kind at a really good price (here).

Last but not least are the rings I am wearing. Most are ones I found around the house (probably my sisters lol) but the two I am wearing on my left hand are actually buttons I had in my sewing box that I glued to ring bases I bought at Micheal's craft store, its a good way to get creative with your style :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my outfit of the day and are having a great weekend !
See you soon xoxo

Peace & Love- Stef   

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Red Velvet


Velvet Skirt- Value Village (thrifted)  similar one HERE
Top- Value Village (thrifted)
Shoes- T.U.K creepers from Urban Outfitters
Socks- Ardene
Leather Jacket- Zara similar one HERE
Necklace- Gift from grandma, similar one HERE 
Bag - Mom hand-me-down

Hello again! So today was a pretty crappy day out with the rain and the cold winds. I usually like when its gloomy out but I had a lot of city walking to do today so it didn't help, but it was nice enough to wear a skirt so i was happy. I got this skirt on one of my trips to Value Village a couple of weeks ago, and I was really surprised I ended up finding two velvet pieces both skirts that were in really good condition and both fit. I wear the black one to school a lot cause it is a maxi (picture here). 

 I finally got my creepers in the mail yesterday which I ordered off Urban Outfitters about 3 months ago but they were on back order. I got so excited like a little girl on Christmas morning, you should of saw my face! I ended up wearing them around the house all night :D Despite what some people say they are actually extremely comfortable and easy to walk in so it was a good buy. The socks I am wearing I love to pieces and I finally have the shoes to wear them with cause I've been waiting lol. 

As for the shirt, its actually somewhat of a crop top but you cant really tell from the pictures cause the skirts pull high on my waist. I absolutely adore it! I would wear it everyday if I could, it has delicate looking embroidered flowers around the top and some more detail around the bottom edge. I think it adds a touch of femininity to what would be a more dark ensemble.

Hope you all enjoyed my outfit of the day, I'll hopefully be posting a new one tomorrow, see you soon!

Peace & Love- Stef         

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Something Old & Something New

T-Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Value Village
Black boots-  Doc Martens 
Purse- second hand [ Mum's :)] 
Leather jacket- Zara

Hello beautiful people! 
So I've been wanting to get this blog started since the summer but I have never had the time to get around to it before or to go out and take pictures BUT seeing as I now have more days off this semester I am finally going to start posting outfits of the day and other fashion related things :) 

Now moving on the outfit. Today in Toronto was such a nice day, its been the crappiest the past couple of days with random snow and rain but the sun finally came out ! SO happy. So I decided to wear a skirt as I went out to go get some groceries, which I got from Value Village. I've been wanting to wear this skirt since the day I bought it but the Canadian winters haven't allowed it. I paired it with both my trusty doc martens and my faux leather jacket Zara, which I always put on when ever I get the chance I LOVE IT ! The purse is my mums from the 80's and its small and doesn't carry much but its prefect for days like these.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first post, hopefully I can keep it up and post at least twice a week. I am also going to try to post one of my DIY room projects that I did over the past weekend for you guys to see. 
Feel free to leave comments below :) See you soon!  

Peace & Love - Stef