Sunday, 7 July 2013

DIY Dip Dye Shorts

I've been seeing these dip dye trend everywhere for a while now and decided to get on this cute trend bandwagon! 
This DIY is a bit time consuming but so worth it :) 

The supplies you will need for this DIY are pretty straight forward. 
I picked up my tie-dye kit at Walmart (they also sell them at Michael's)  for about $15 and it comes with everything you'll need. I bought the full kit knowing I was going to also dye some t-shirts, but if you are just doing the shorts it might be cheaper to buy each dye colour individually, that way you could also customize to colours you want instead of using the ones that come in the kit. I paid $4 for the individual purple one, also at Walmart.  

 I decided to use the colours purple, pink and blue because I wanted to create a gradient effect and I think these three colour go well together. 
The bottles come with the coloured powder and you just need to add water. 

The key for this DIY is to use light coloured shorts so that the colour is at its true and brights colour. 
I found cut the shorts from a pair of highwaisted  Levi's pants that I thrifted for $10 that i cut the legs off. 

 STEP 1: The first thing you want to do it decided the order of which you want to colour to go. I did pink, purple then blue, I felt like the flowed well together in that order. You could add as many colours as you want, I've seen a lot of two toned ones so decided to do three instead.

STEP 2: Next you want to also decided how far you want each colour to reach, if you want them to be all the same thickness or the bottom thicker then the top ones, its up to you :) 

STEP 3: You want to start layering the colours starting from either the top or the bottom. Over apping the colours a bit also adds a nice effect so they blend well together.

Don't forget to do the back side !!

STEP 4: when you're done you want to leave the dye in for 8 hours or over night. In the morning you want to risnse the shorts out with water until it runs clear, and then throw them in the wash by themselves.
you want to wash your shorts separately for the first few washes. 

Thanks to my sister, Nancy for modeling the shorts for me !

Hope you guys in enjoy. 
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