Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY: Overall Dress

Over the summer overalls become a very trendy thing to wear over almost anything, and I was all on board as soon I saw them (who wouldn't be). 
But as the summer progressed I started to see overalls being worn in creative ways, included "overall dresses", which is essentially the top part of a pair of overalls attached to a skirt. 
Although many places like Urban Outfitters and ASOS were selling a variety of different kinds of overall dress, I though it would fun, unique and a lot less expensive to make my own. 
I didn't take me long to make them and I bought everything for less then $20 (yay savings!).

STEP 1: You'll need to find your self a pair of overalls and a skirt. 
The overalls could denim or a cotton blend material like mine are, whatever floats you're boat. 
It also doesn't matter whether the overalls are shorts, pants or a skirt because your only concerned with the top half anyway. 
I went out to my local thrift store and found these two pieces for really cheap. 

Your also going to need a sewing machine (or you can do it by hand), two colours of thread, some pins and a pair of scissors. 

STEP 2: Start off by cutting the top of the overalls off, this will be the the part that you will sew onto the skirt. The overalls should already come with a stitched line that separates the bottom from the top, so use that as your guide on where to cut. 

You should then be left with just the top part of the overalls. Don't forget to be neat when cutting the top off because the hem at the bottom will be one showing over the skirt, and you don't want to look messy. 

STEP 3: Carefully pin the skirt to the overall piece you just cut. Pin the skirt on the inside of the overall top, so that the hem of the bottom of the overall half in the one that shows on the outside. 
I would say pin about an 1" of the top of the skirt to the inside of the overall half, just to make share that everything is secure and it doesn't fall apart. 

STEP 4: Secure the two pieces together by hand sewing a loose stitch around the whole thing by using a different coloured thread from your fabric so its easier to see when removing it later. 
This step  is to make sure that you like where the skirt sits on the overalls and to make sure their secured properly before you machine sew. Its hard to go backwards from there if you were to mess up or not like the way it turns out. 
If you feel comfortable enough with a sewing machine you can skip this step and sew the two pieces together with the machine after pinning it.   

STEP 5: After sewing the loose stitch you can then move on and finishing sewing by machine. Remember to use the same colour thread as your chosen fabric. 
After your done, remove the loose stitch and your ready to go! 

The overall dress is a new and creative way to wear an ever growing trend. 
Style it with a long sleeve shirt and a sweater for the colder months, or even through them over a cute sweater and a pair of Docs and you have the perfect summer to fall look. 

Talk to you soon <3

Saturday, 9 November 2013




These are just some of the few pictures I've hoarded on to my laptop that inspire me to be more creative and not afraid to express myself through fashion. 
Hope you enjoy! 
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Button Up

Handbag Aldo
Dr. Martens- Little Burgundy
Wool Hat- H&M
Acid-wash Skirt- Thrifted from Black Market
Crop Top- Thrifted 
Plaid Shirt- Hand-me-down 

I' am so in LOVE this with this outfit! I would wear it everyday if that wasn't weird. It has the right amount of grunge, with the boots and femininity with the detailed gold buttons on the top and the structure of the purse.  
I got this crop top during my thrift trip to Kensington Market in Toronto. I got this along with kit jumper in my last post at this cute little shop called Sub Rose Vintage. They have a lot of unique pieces carter toward the 90s fashion era I always stop buy there when I am in the area. 
The denim skirt is something I've been wearing a lot lately, you can pair it with anything really and make the outfit look like its straight from the 90s. I love pairing it with crop tops, and  sleeveless T's because its high-waisted and form fitting.   
The hat has been really repetitive in my posts, but it just goes to show how much I can't stop wearing it and will not stop until it gets to cold to wear it. (I am even wearing it to class right now) 

Enjoy your first weekend of the best month of the year!! See you soon <3  

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mad Sounds

Sweater/ Romper/ Shoes- Thrifted 
Leather Vest- Thrifted (similar here

I recently went thrifting in Kensington Market and picked up both this short sleeved kit jumper, a floral dress/ romper and a few other things that I will be featuring soon on the blog. I bought these two pieces separately with originally no intention of wearing them together but when I got home and tried them on again I saw that the two meshed really well together.  
I haven't decided yet whether or not to crop the sweater or leave it as is. I think at the length it is now it will paired well with velvet leggings, combat boots and a denim jacket on top for the fall months but when it starts getting warmer I might end up cropping it to wear with shorts. 
Adding my leather vest as the outer layer is a go to for me. I layer this vest with absolutely everything from dresses to my army jacket, I think it always adds a rocker edge to any outfit, and who doesn't want extra layers in the cooler months!   

Hope you have a great week! See you very soon <3

Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm All Over it

Overalls- Thrifted 
Bag- hand-me-down
Striped Crop Top- Urban Outfitters
Wool Hat- H&M
Creepers- Urban Outfitters

I bought these overalls awhile back, and they were even part of my first thrift haul on the blog. I wore them a lot over the summer seeing how they are something really easy to just throw on. Layering them with a simple crop top under is the best way to wear them I think, but you can also add a light jumper under for the cooler months. Adding something with pattern underneath works well and always adds to the look because denim is such a plain but versatile material that pairs well with almost anything.

This hat has been my life saver these past few week ! For some reason my hair is not cooperating well with this change in weather and having bad hair days has become a norm for me. So having a black or neutral coloured hat in your wardrobe should be a essential for every girl, so on those days you can just throw it on and head out with out worrying to much.

Hope you have a super awesome weekend ! See you soon <3