Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Saved by the Bell

Acid Wash Denim Skirt- Black Market (similar here
Wool Hat- H&M
Dress Shirt- Dad hand-me-down (similar here)
Shoes- Thrifted 
Mesh Top- Thrifted (similar here)  
RingsForever 21

I've been watching a lot of Saved by the Bell reruns on television lately that I feel like its showing in my daily school outfits. Especially with this retro acid washed skirt I picked up from Black Market, I really feel like Kelly, now if only Zack went to my school life would be complete. 
The vintage dress shirt that belonged to my dad is something I am really loving right know, it has a really cool toned colour design to it that pairs well with almost anything.  
This outfit has to be my favourite thing I've worn to school so far this term, it's super comfortable for those long classes but still dressed up. 
The black bag is one I got recently for school to fit my laptop. Its the prefect size and it has to coolest leather detailing. The zipper on the bag can be a pain in the bum sometimes but its nothing I can't get over. 

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