Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm All Over it

Overalls- Thrifted 
Bag- hand-me-down
Striped Crop Top- Urban Outfitters
Wool Hat- H&M
Creepers- Urban Outfitters

I bought these overalls awhile back, and they were even part of my first thrift haul on the blog. I wore them a lot over the summer seeing how they are something really easy to just throw on. Layering them with a simple crop top under is the best way to wear them I think, but you can also add a light jumper under for the cooler months. Adding something with pattern underneath works well and always adds to the look because denim is such a plain but versatile material that pairs well with almost anything.

This hat has been my life saver these past few week ! For some reason my hair is not cooperating well with this change in weather and having bad hair days has become a norm for me. So having a black or neutral coloured hat in your wardrobe should be a essential for every girl, so on those days you can just throw it on and head out with out worrying to much.

Hope you have a super awesome weekend ! See you soon <3

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