Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hopeless Wanderer

Skirt- Shop in Kensington Market
Jacket- Talula from Aritzia
Bracelet - Etsy
Bag-  Aldo 
Boots- Dr. Martens 
Denim Vest - Thrifted 
Necklace- Gift from grandma, similar one here

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! So I've been slacking on posting or at least what I consider to to be slacking. I wanted to get at least one post up every other day just so the blog would have some more substance but I've been having a lot of final reports to finish for school (not the funnest I know). 
Anyways on to the look, this was actually the first look I planned to put up but then ended up changing my mind. I got this skirt last year from a vintage shop in Kensington Market in down town Toronto. I love going there when the weather is nicer, just walking around and seeing all the eclectic shops and all the vegetarian restaurants all on the same block ( wish I could eat at them all ). What I love most about the skirt is that it has small daisies allover it which is my absolute favorite flower so it makes it that much better :)

 I thrifted both the denim vest and the t-shirt from my local thrift store. I got the purse a couple of years ago from Aldo and its one of my most used bags. The jacket is also one that I've had for a long time now and wear all the time. It's the prefect light jacket to wear for the spring cause is comfortable and light so your warm when your outside but not dying of heat when you step indoors.

I got a couple of bracelets from a shop on Etsy about a month ago and I've been loving them. The one I am wearing here is actually five different bracelet attached together to make one, which I thought was pretty cool. You guys should check out the shop, all the bracelets are one of a kind at a really good price (here).

Last but not least are the rings I am wearing. Most are ones I found around the house (probably my sisters lol) but the two I am wearing on my left hand are actually buttons I had in my sewing box that I glued to ring bases I bought at Micheal's craft store, its a good way to get creative with your style :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my outfit of the day and are having a great weekend !
See you soon xoxo

Peace & Love- Stef