Sunday, 24 March 2013

1st Thrift Haul

All items purchased at Value Village thrift shop 
(please don't mind the awkward hair and no makeup, I took these picture after I woke up this morning :p )

Hello everyone! This is a small posts of some things that I bought yesterday from my trip to my local thrift store. I went in there not looking for anything is specific but ended up finding these awesome pieces. 
I've been lusting over this H&M dress over some time now and I felt like the luckiest person when I found it!  I actually found this dress in the shirt section and it caught my attention seeing how it was longer then most shirts. I think it's the prefect spring dress in the perfect colour, and material. I think i might wear this dress to my family dinner party next weekend, hopefully it's not to cold ( fingers crossed). 
As for the overalls, these are my absolute favorite, I've bought and seen a couple at urban outfitters and other thrift shops but I was never really happy with the way they fit, but these fit so well. I am probably going to cut the shorts shorter or sew the cuffs rolled up, but you're going to see a lot outfits with these piece this summer, so i guess you'll see what they end up looking like :) 
The necklace was more of a impulse buy, I am the worst impulse buyer ever! but i thought it was super cute and i think the blue turquoise stone looks good paired with everything. This necklace will also be featured in a lot of up coming outfits for sure !

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and had a really awesome weekend ! See you soon :)

Peace & Love- Stef      

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