Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Button Up

Handbag Aldo
Dr. Martens- Little Burgundy
Wool Hat- H&M
Acid-wash Skirt- Thrifted from Black Market
Crop Top- Thrifted 
Plaid Shirt- Hand-me-down 

I' am so in LOVE this with this outfit! I would wear it everyday if that wasn't weird. It has the right amount of grunge, with the boots and femininity with the detailed gold buttons on the top and the structure of the purse.  
I got this crop top during my thrift trip to Kensington Market in Toronto. I got this along with kit jumper in my last post at this cute little shop called Sub Rose Vintage. They have a lot of unique pieces carter toward the 90s fashion era I always stop buy there when I am in the area. 
The denim skirt is something I've been wearing a lot lately, you can pair it with anything really and make the outfit look like its straight from the 90s. I love pairing it with crop tops, and  sleeveless T's because its high-waisted and form fitting.   
The hat has been really repetitive in my posts, but it just goes to show how much I can't stop wearing it and will not stop until it gets to cold to wear it. (I am even wearing it to class right now) 

Enjoy your first weekend of the best month of the year!! See you soon <3  

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