Tuesday, 3 June 2014


 Sandal- Urban Outfitters
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Crop Top- Urban Outfitters
Shorts- Thrifted & DIY studs 
Blazer- Thrifted 

I put this together in a hurry last weekend when I went out to do some shopping with my sister. I recently bought both the hat and the sandals during an Urban Outfitters sale and I cant stop wearing them. I even wore the sandals in the rain (which was a  horrible idea) but thats how much I love them. 
I got the blazer during my sisters garage sale, one of her friends let my buy it at a discount (3$) so why not. I wasn't sure how I was going to style it but I think this pairing work out well, especially with this cute cat crop top!! High-waisted shorts and crop tops are going to be all that I wear this summer so it's good to have variations of both to keep outfits interesting.   

I have a DIY coming later this week ! See you soon <3 

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