Saturday, 26 April 2014

I Can Be Your Cool Cat

Top- DIY
Fedora- H&M
Jacket- Thrifted 
Levi Shorts- Hand-me-down (similar here and here )
Lace Heels- Icon (similar here

Oh how I missed wearing my hat and a good pair of denim shorts! I actually found these shorts in my fathers closet, if you can believe that. I was looking for a pair of his old jeans to cut up and came across these, and yes they were originally this short  lol. He said he wanted to make a pair of shorts but cut to much fabric off and never ended up wearing them. Oh the 80s and their grown men in short-shorts, thank god those days are over! I at least got a pair of awesome Levis out of his failed attempt at keeping up with the fashion trends of the time.
 Anyways, I added my DIY mesh-back shirt which has a nice textured lace detailing. White paired with light denim is such a classic look and acts as a neutral backdrop that allows you to play around with other more dramatic pieces like this awesome cat jacket. This cool jaguar jacket is a thrifted treasure I found a couple of months back and its finally been nice enough to wear. It has that 90s sport jacket shape to it with the gold hardware adding a hip-hop feel. 
I finished it off with my favourite black lace heels that I've featured before, but now theres a close up of them in which you could see the floral detailing a lot better (don't mind the dirt aha).  

Talk to you soon <3

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