Thursday, 23 January 2014

I'm Busy

Floral Dress- Hand-me-down
Plaid Skirt- Thrifted at Black Market
Backpack- Thrifted d at Value Village 
Lace Blouse- Thrifted at Value Village 

This is the first of three outfits featuring my favorite floral dresses that once belonged to my mom. She gave me this dress a while back and I wear it nonstop. Whether it’s in the summer with a belt or in the winter under a cozy knit sweater, it’s always on.  That’s why having a staple dress in your wardrobe is essential. I call mine the three in one, because it can easily be worn as a top, dress or a skirt. 
So in this first look I styled it with a red plaid skirt over top, using the dress as a floral top instead. I think this might be the first time in a long time that I’ve layered a bunch of different pattern and textures that wouldn’t originally go together, but I think they all work well in this outfit.
Especially the contrast between the bright red of the skirt and the busy floral pattern on the dress add a lot of character.
I finished it off with a sheer lace tunic type top, which adds another level of dimension to the look.
As usual I added some basic black jewellery for detailing.  

Talk to you soon !

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