Monday, 27 May 2013

Top to Bottom

This whole outfit was thrifted !

As I promised a few posts ago I was going to show you guys how I wear and style the "dress shirt as a skirt" trend. The day I wore this outfit my dads plaid shirt was in the wash so I wore my other over sized dress shirt instead, I think it turned out pretty well :) Its really easy to wear, all you need is an over sized button down shirt and some creativity!
I am soo in love with these shoes ! I went thrifting with some friends the other day and I picked these up from a shop in Kensington market from only 25$ ! I was ecstatic when I found them cause I was in desperate need of new sneakers, and these were all beaten up and old looking which was an added plus. Your going to be seeing a lot more of these for sure.
I also recently got my new tattoo choker in mail which I order off of Etsy and  haven't taken it off since. It adds a punk rock, 90s element to any outfit you pair it with. and that's where my style seems to be now a days.  
As for the top I thrifted it for 3$ at my local thrift shop, and I regret not finding it early in the year :( It would of been the perfect top to wear with either my disco pants or high- waisted jeans for the colder months. The thick velvet material plus the long sleeves make it hard to wear in the summer months. But I am going to take advantage of the cold mornings and wear it as much as possible cause its such an eclectic and unique piece to have as part of my wardrobe. 

Hope you guys have a lovely day <3

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