Monday, 29 April 2013

Thrift Haul #2

Denim jacket/ maxi skirt/ floral shorts - Black Market 
White tank top- Brandy Melville  
Black Nirvana tank- Kind Exchange
Velvet leggingsRomwe

Hello beautiful people! Sorry that I haven't been posting often, it was finals week so I had to get in study mode and I had no social life the past few weeks :( but I am back now and officially on summer break YAY! 
Now that I have more time I am going to try to post every other day, whether it be an outfit post, a DIY or something random like today's post. 
This would be my second thrift haul on the blog, I got more things this time around. I went down town Toronto to do some thrifting. I originally was just looking for a nice denim jacket and I went to Black Market  knowing they have an awesome collection of outerwear and I ended up finding the perfect one! I also picked up a blue floral maxi skirt and a pair of adorable floral highwaisted cotton shorts! I cant wait to wear them in the summer :) everything there is 10$ so I didn't end up paying too much for everything. 
After that I just walked around queen street and went into Brandy Melville and picked up the white tank top on sale for 10$. Its cropped so its going to look perfect with high-waisted pieces. I got the Nirvana top at Kind Exchange thrift store, but I am pretty sure its originally from Brandy Melville.
Lastly, the leggings were the ones I mentioned in my last post, and the newest addition to my velvet collection. I got them from an online shop called Romwe, they have the coolest legging selection ever, there something for everyone! 

Have an awesome week, see you soon !


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